About Us

BlueCrystal is a Cyberport-based IP-driven startup company with entirely global scope, founded in 2013 by seasoned professionals from London with combined global investment banking and IT system development expertise.  Our mission is to make financial investments more effective yet ever easier. Blessed with prominent IPs and potential clients goodwill, BlueCrystal will address a universal yet fundamental investor pain by, for the first time, introducing products that help investors of different levels of sophistication make investment decisions in a crystal-clear transparent fashion with analytical precision. This is poised to change investors’ behaviours universally with massive commercial potentials.  Our current focus is on the development of unified front-office portfolio decision-making platforms for professional investors.


+852 3166 3937
Unit 27 Level 5, Cyberport 3 (Core F), 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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